Our motto - make yourself at home. We have great respect for You and strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort every day!

Hotel facilities

Internet Throughout the Hostel offers free Wi-Fi.
Reception 24/7 - early check-in or late check-out (we will take you and bring you back at any time convenient for you) - at any time of the day or night, we are happy to answer any questions, including: - Wake up at the right time - call a taxi - excursions - to elaborate, where to go or how to get to the right address if you get lost
Parking In the immediate vicinity of the Hostel on Bolshaya Morskaya has free Parking spaces.
The interior and equipment - interior a TV and cable channels - quality beds bunk beds with a curtain for each bed - bedside outlet and lamp for each bed - fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, electric stove, kettle, microwave, various utensils and Cutlery) free: towels, hair dryer, Ironing Board and iron, fresh linens, already tucked to your arrival - free tea, sugar in unlimited quantities at any time of the day or night - game console with a large library of games - Board games - multiple bathrooms - a large number of books and magazines
Additional services - Laundry - excursions (from classic to walks on roofs of St. Petersburg!) Slippers, shampoos, shower gels, dental kits, etc.
Security - every room (including bench) is locked with a key
- drawers with locks for valuables for every guest
- closed entrance, and entrance video intercom
- panic button
- fire alarm
Visa support and registration - for all citizens entering the territory of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to have a passport and a visa valid for the entire period of stay in the country. The value of the voucher (visa invitation) - 1000 RUB.
- Russian legislation (Federal law No. 109-FZ of 18 July 2006 and his other supplements, the latest dated 4 August 2011) requires all citizens of other States, temporarily residing in Russia, were put on migration registration at the place of stay. The cost of services on preparation of documents for migration registration at the place of stay to foreign guests (remember that the citizens of Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan are also required to undergo a mandatory registration, 150 RUB) 500 RUB., the Cost of registration we do NOT include in the price, prices for Russian and foreign visitors have the same!

Room amenities

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